Cloud Horizon Super Wing
Long Range
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Cloud Horizon Super Wing - Description



Offering 1 x Cloud Horizon long range FPV wing.

We built this a year or two ago to test long range FPV equipment.

The Cloud Horizon, is a very forgiving wing to fly, very stable and slows well for landing.

At cruise speed the Cloud Horizon only uses a miniscule 85mah per KM, thats an amazing 25km on a 2200mah 4s battery, although we use either 1 x 5200mah multistar, or even two giving a theroretical range of 120km.

Also looks stunning in the air !

This offer includes

Cloud Horizon (as pictured)

HS82MG servos installed

Tiger Motor MT3510-15 630kv motor + prop


Wings contain cables for VTX, GPS & LRS UHF

The wing is in good flying condition, but has some minor scuffs and scrapes.

Looking for a good home.

COLLECTION ONLY  Shipping cost will be refunded (web store requires it)

WINGSPAN 1.8m , just under 6ft



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