75 micron Laminate per metre
75 Mic Laminate
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75 micron Laminate per metre - Description

Ideal for strengthening foam wings, best for 34" wings or bigger 

450mm wide

To cover with surplus Spectre - 5m Ninja - 6m Slipstream SL & EP - 4m Falcon Evo - 4m Venturi Evo & Sport - 6m


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75 micron Laminate per metre - Reviews

Excellent product
Recently bought some of this covering to try out. I have covered a small area on a Dreamflight Weasel Evo, an area around the removable hatch that covers the switch. This is an area that succumbs to finger nail marks from removing the hatch. Surprisingly, I found that the covering goes on better with a lower temperature than I use for other films, about 200 degrees F or 100 degrees C. I found that the first patch that I ironed down was with the iron turned up hotter, and the foam (EPO) started to 'bubble up'. So the lower temperature was used with a better result. I shall be using this material again. I have a Parkzone KA8 that is yet to fly, and I am considering covering it while it is still pristine. Excellent product (the film, that is!).
Review by S Elworthy / (Posted on 04/09/2015)
Excellent material
"Excellent material for covering EPP. I've just used this for the first time, heated my iron up to 220°C and started in the middle and worked outwards as, unlike other coverings, this doesn't shrink.Once it's on it's totally clear, like glass and really stiffens up a wing, so much so that you wouldn't need to use GF tape, as I didn't. It also goes around curves and wing tips very well. I shall be using this on all my foamies in future.

Steve - A470Soaring.blogspot.co.uk"
Review by Steve / (Posted on 04/09/2015)

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