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Shipping & Delivery

We work hard to find the cheapest most reliable form of shipping, we do not make profit from shipping, overseas customers outside of the UK & NI , please contact us and we will search many providers for the best shipping solution.

We may contact you to suggest alternate means of shipping or to indicate that a higher shipping charge will apply due to the weight of your order or specific destinations which result in higher shipping charges. In most cases we will absorb these costs. 
It is your responsibility to check that your delivery address is correct before confirming your order on the order confirmation page. Incorrect addresses could result in your order being sent to the wrong address and your items being lost. We are not liable for this.
Delivery times vary, for larger items we use Interlink express 25 hour courier, for small items the royal mail. Please allow 3-4 working days in some cases, before contacting us. Overseas deliveries may be longer
Privacy & Security
Please read our Privacy policy for all the details
Returns & Replacements
If you have any problems, please contact us at, we will try and rectify the problem, or we can arrange the return of the product to us for a refund, no stress