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DTF UHF Deluxe Complete Set - Description

Everything you need to get started on your way into the wonderful world of OpenLRS.

Robs note: We have using DTF UHF for some years now with faultless results. 

The receiver with allow PPM and tradional signal so that you can use an AP like the MFD AP or direct control over your servos/ esc etc.

You can also get Digital or analogue RSSI output (switchable via solder pad)

The complete set contains:

1 x Deluxe DTF UHF 1W transmitter

1 x DTF UHF 6 Channel receiver

1 x Diamond SRH771 Transmitter antenna

1 x Mono UHF receiver antenna 90deg SMA

1 x 3D printed transmitter holder

All cables and hardware




DTF UHF Deluxe TX uses openLRSng. This 1-watt rated transmitter has a few new features making it easier to use and friendlier for FPV video frequencies. It uses Atmega32u4 microprocessor with Arduino Leonardo bootloader for built-in USB support: you don’t need an external programmer for configuring and flashing!

DTF UHF DeluxeTX Transmitter  New features:

  • • Integrated lowpass output filter to reduce interference on higher frequencies
    • Mini USB connector for direct connection to a computer
    • 2S-3S lipo power, no reduction in power with 2S lipo
    • Aluminium case
    • 59x45x19mm
    • 62 grams

The included PPM and Power cable will plug into the pins located in a JR-style module bay on the back of your controller. Controllers that have this bay include: FlySky 9x; Hobbyking 9XR; FrSky Taranis; and many JR radios.

Comes with openlrsNG software  Compatible with all transmitters that use openlrsNG. Full-range receiver.




Comes with openLRSng software. Compatible with all transmitters that use in openLRSng. Full-range receiver.


• Lowpass input filter to reduce out-of-band interference.
• PPM output up to 16 channels (enable in menu).
• RSSI output, digital (enable in menu) (can be turned into 3.3v analogue with a solder jumper).
• Completely user-settable frequency selections: 413MHz up to 453MHz.
• Up to 24 hopping channels, user-settable.
• Custom pin mapping.
• Wireless setting adjustment and bind, without any damage or harm on your aircraft.
• Can also be used as a transmitter.
• -121dBm rated sensitivity.
• 54x19mm size with pins and SMA.
• Around 6 grams with servo pins and SMA connector.


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