MyflyDream Automatic Antenna Tracker V5
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MyflyDream Automatic Antenna Tracker V5 - Description

Rob's Note's, An amazing AAT for reliable long range FPV
You have to see it to believe it !!
Comes with a Telefly pro OSD free !!
No specific OSD requirement for tracking your airplane.
The high quality slipring provides continuously rotation, meaning compete freedom of rotation, you will never again temporarily loose your signal because the tracker has reached its maximum rotation angle and is turning over to the other side
The built-in compass unit makes setting up the tracker on the flying field in no time. No need to check the correct orientation by hand or walk around with your plane in hand, just put your MyFlyDream AAT on a tripod(not included) or other support, connect everything with a power source, wait for a proper GPS fix, push "Set Home" and FLY. It´s as simple as that.
The TeleFlyOSD GPS Coordinates Audio Encoder weighs only 8g and is very small (46x25x7mm) . It can be added to almost every setup easily even where the space is very sparse and weight is always an issue.
1 x TeleFlyOSD GPS Coordinates Audio Encoder(Recommended to buy extra items for several planes)
1 x AATDriver (Ground Station)
1 x MyFlyDream 6CH Tracker (Ground Station)
1 x USB Programmer with cable (Ground Station)
The TeleFlyOSD is connected to your GPS module and fetch the GPS coordinates data to the ground via the audio channel of your Wireless AV transmitter.
The encoded signal through AUDIO channel fed through the AAT (Automatic Antenna Tracker) to the MyFlyDream AAT Driver(AATDriver). 
AAT Driver handles the signal and controls the servos to tracking your airplane

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