Falcon Evo FPV Wing
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Falcon Evo FPV Wing - Description

Introducing the all new Falcon Evo FPV wing.

The Falcon Evo FPV is an ideal size wing at 1 metre (40"). Easy to handle and very easy to launch on your own.

It's also 100% EPP foam and that makes it tough and durable.

The Falcon Evo features central fuselage with enough space to carry a 2200mah 3S battery or even a Multistar 4000mah 3S battery *

The fuselage section is also capable of containing an autopilot such as the Eagletree Vector or a downward facing camera.


We designed the Falcon Evo with a plain "Monkey Blunt" front end allowing you to fit all types of camera's with some modification, its up to you.

Performance is excellent, very stable and high efficiency, the Eco Power system has adequate power and we have had 20 minute flights with a 2200mah 3s Battery, for more speed but less duration, try the Sport power system.


The Kit Contains

> EPP wing cores and central pod fuselage

> All Ply parts, inc FPV camera mount

> All hardware & fittings

> Carbon fibre spar

> Laser cut balsa elevons

> Correx belly skid

> Picture Manual


To Complete

> Power system, Eco or sport

> 2200mah 3s Battery, or Mutistar 4000mah 3s Battery*

> 2 x 8-9g servos

> Radio & FPV equipment, such as Graupner mx12 & Eco FPV system

> Glues and covering set, either tape or laminate





* Multistar 4000mah 3s batteries available from HobbyKing



Falcon Evo FPV Wing - Reviews

Must Have Kit
"Must Have Kit,
Easy build and a dream to fly, perfect CG with a Mobius and FPV camera in the nose. 4000mha battery 3s battery gives 30m + flight times. I have fitted out my Falcon Evo with entry level FPV kit, basic autopilot (RTH), OSD and LR9 receiver.
Power is from a 1400KV motor and 7x5 prop flies in the strongest winds no problem.
All our videos featuring the Falcon Evo
Review by Andy I / (Posted on 04/09/2015)
Fantastic kit
"Fantastic kit, an absolute triumph. The foam is cut perfectly, identical wing halves and everything fits together perfectly. The laser cut wooden components are nicely cut too - no splintered edges or delaminating. The new fuselage makes it so much easier to make a nice clean build, I even stashed a Acro Naze32 inside along with Skylark TinyOSD (Naze installed to act as a PPM passthru so I didn't have to lay as many servo wires).

CoG wise, I had to add a bit of dead weight (using 2200mAh) to balance - might fly with ~3000mAh instead, or permanently line the front of the battery compartment with a little bit of lead sheet.

My only concern is the nose, cutting out a hole for a mobius camera was very tricky (ended up using the hot-wire I cut the servo holes with and melted too much trying to get in deep enough). If the next version gets to keep the brilliant fuselage but somehow brings back the old-style camera mount, I'll buy 4!

Very happy with it - http://i.imgur.com/lTL9eaG.jpg

Review by Richard / (Posted on 04/09/2015)
great kit
This is a great kit, goes together very well. It is very well designed and thought out. There is plenty of room up front to cut away the foam in the nose to fit whatever cameras you decide to use. I'm using a GoPro3 and a cased mini FPV camera. Don't be afraid to mount your equipment close to the nose as without the weight up front it will need dead weight added. I got round this by using a small 500mah 3S lipo at the very front of the main bay to add more weight fore of the CG to get correct balance. Here's a link to my build http://www.fpvhub.com/index.php/topic,36927.msg206968.html#msg206968
Review by Chris Blackburn / (Posted on 04/09/2015)

Falcon Evo FPV Wing - Videos


Falcon Evo FPV Wing - Manual

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