F4 Hornet Mini Racing FPV Wing Kit
How low can you go !
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F4 Hornet Mini Racing FPV Wing Kit - Description

Race your mates around a pylon circuit, or through the 250 quad gates, if you dare !
The Hornet is designed to be kept light, using a micro FPV TX and camera, the lighter, the faster.
The Hornet is stable and forgiving, whilst being aerobatic, flight time is around 10-15mins of pure fun.
The Hornet kits come unpainted
Wingspan : 22" (550mm)
Flying weight: 240-260g
 **Laminating or using covering is not recommended, use Acrylic paints only, check the tin**
As well as this power system you will require:
2 x micro servos 6-8g
1 x micro Receiver 
1 x Lipo battery (800mah 3S 11.1v)
1 x Mini FPV system such as the Elgae FOV160-200
1 x Transmitter capable of elevon mixing or mixing module 
1 x Lipo compatible charger 
1 x FPV Receiver, & goggles
Sport Power System: 
1 x 1806 2280kv brushless motor
1 x 12amp speed controller
1 x GemFan 5x3 or similar prop

F4 Hornet Mini Racing FPV Wing Kit - Reviews

luv it!!! http://youtu.be/_M_DjBxbYEk
great little tough fun wing..only took about 2hrs build..
used an old quad dys 1806 and a HQ 5-4,turnigy plush 12a esc.nano 850 3S lipo..good runtimes too..
hot glue worked well .buy another in an instant..agile and fastish.. Review by Brod / (Posted on 22/06/2017)
You wont buy better and lots of fun
Just built mine, very easy to construct with minimal tools. flew one of Flying Wings Hornets last wek and immediatley purchased one. Review by Cockney Boy / (Posted on 18/08/2016)
Most fun wing I've flown this year, 11/10
I love this wing. Simple assembly (literally built in 45 mins - if you don't count time for paint and glue to cure). Feels perfectly balanced with a D4R-II rx, HK Blue 12A/DYS 1806 motor and home made LC filter stuffed in the back, with an Aomway vtx/cam combo (single unit) and 800mAh lipo up front. Rolls on a sixpence, nimble as hell, just climb could be improved (may try more aggressive props like 5x5 or even a 6x4, since I just borrowed a 5x3 from my mini-quad collection)

Best plane I've flown all year, honest opinion - just as much fun as the RadJet800 on 4S for low and fast FPV, but much more "fuel efficient" and convenient to carry out to the field for those quick sessions due to its smaller wingspan.

Maiden video taken from live feed DVR (only using FPV cam, not too great with light/dark transitions, sorry!) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EevgAoeb1RI Review by Richard / (Posted on 12/03/2016)
Very cool small wing for FPV
Hi from Germany. The Hornet Mini is an excellent little airplane. It flies fast and very stable. With the suggested motor and ESC it has plenty of power so that you can climb nearly vertically. The kit has a very good quality and all the parts you need for the build. I have fun building and now flying. Review by HansTX / (Posted on 14/02/2016)

F4 Hornet Mini Racing FPV Wing Kit - Videos

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F4 Hornet Mini Racing FPV Wing Kit - Manual

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