Eagletree Vector Flight Controller & OSD
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Eagletree Vector Flight Controller & OSD - Description

Robs Note:  There is no better complete package with the best documentation on the market


This is the XT60 connector version with the V2 GPS module

Years in the making, and built from the ground up with simplicity in mind, the eagle tree Vector has everything we hobbyists have dreamed about for our recreational FPV models, in one small, lightweight easy to use product.



Key Features

  • A new generation of FPV flying!
  • The Vector System Kit includes : Base Controller Unit, GPS/Magnetometer and Current Sensor/ PSU
  • Built-in OSD with COLOR GRAPHICS - and fully customizable screens
  • FIXED WING and MULTIROTOR Flight Controller - with GPS modes and RTH
  • SIMPLE to set up and Operate Out of the Box -with no PC required for most features
  • COMPATIBLE: PCM, SPPM and S.BUS RxER Support - with four types of RSSI
  • EXPANDABLE with Additional Sensors, Accessories - internet firmware updates
  • FLEXIBLE - fly with or without your FPV camera and transmitter
  • REDUCED WIRING - innovative wiring harness with power distribution simplifies conenctions
  • Current Sensor - with efficient filtered 12v and 5v PSU
  • Built-in Altimeter, IMU and Magnetic Compass Sensors




Just some of the features this amazing system will support :

  • Full Color, Fully Customizable OSD Screens
  • Voice alerts: the Vector can speak flight information to you
  • Variometers - OSD charting variometer or acoustical tone.
  • RSSI : Four version supported - Analogue, PCM, Spektrum, Virtual SPPMRSSI
  • All features of original OSD Pro module
  • 2D / 3D Flight Stabilization Modes
  • RTH - Return To Home
  • Geofence: lets you program a maximum ceiling and distance for your model.
  • Loiter: Holds the present position (multirotor) or circles (fixed wing)
  • Data Logging and Telemetry - of sensor and GPS information via internal storage. 



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