Falcon Vertigo Hybrid VTOL RTF
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Falcon Vertigo Hybrid VTOL RTF - Description

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Falcon Vertigo Hybrid VTOL RTF - Description
The Falcon Vertigo is a hybrid VTOL aircraft, capable of vertical takeoffs and landings.
It will also transition to conventional flight extending its range over a traditional multicopter by a considerable amount.
The Falcon Vertigo is based on the Pixhawk in conjunction with PX4 firmware and the QGroundControl GCS, or UAVenture's AirRails firmware and GCS for commercial operations (http://uaventure.com).
This aircraft has been designed to carry a small GoPro camera or function as a really unique FPV aircraft.
Wing Span: Approx 1.3m (52"), will fit on to the back seat of a standard hatchback car
If you have any questions on this product, please contact us on the "contact page" or call 01908 615163
Flying weight: TBC
The RTF kit contains: Assembled and ready to go
> Pre laminated EPP wings
> Mostly assembled fuselage
> Dropix Auto Pilot with
          GPS Ublox M8N
          Airspeed Sensor
          Power Sensor
> Quad power set T-Motor
> Pusher motor power system
> 1 x flight battery 3700mah 4s 30C
> All carbon fibre tubes and mounts
> G10 motor mounts
> Precut balsa elevons
> Wingtips and full hardware
> Power distribution board and cable
To finish, you require
> Radio Transmitter and receiver
or AirRails system*
OTG USB Telemetry adapter for tablet based GCS.
> Flight Battery
3700mah 4S 30C Lipo battery
3DR telemetry radio or similar
FPV camera and transmitter

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